I need a break.

And by a break, I mean a really, really long break.

I’m sorry guys, but Tumblr’s starting to get to me. I’ve been seeing a lot of negativity and bad emotions, on and off my dash. It’s been taking a toll on me for the past few days, making me feel confused and uncomfortable and horrible, and I’m dangerously teetering towards the breaking point. Also, school’s gonna start in a few days.

So I’m going to be on hiatus. I don’t know how long it will be, unfortunately. For now, I suppose it’s see you soon.

To my friends on here, I’d still love to talk with you outside of Tumblr. I’ll think of a way to contact you if ever (I’m considering making a Skype, maybe?), but just know that I’ll be alright, and I hope you will be too, within and outside of Tumblr. For now, you can find me on deviantART and AO3.

So, so long for now, and I hope to talk again soon.

- Nature



Name: Nature
Age: A year less than two decades.
Gender: I’m a girl!


Food: Sinigang, ice cream, most cakes and pastries
Drink: Coke, hot chocolate
Book: Lewis Carroll’s Alice books
Favorite Author: Once again, Lewis Carroll.
Song: At the moment, ‘Oysters’ by Tori Amos
Movie: Moulin Rouge!
TV Show: Mystery Science Theater 3000
Band: I was quite into the Beatles when I was younger. Lately, I suppose Ra Ra Riot counts.
Solo Artist: TORI AMOS
Place: I like my college campus :)
School Subject: English, anything to do with reading and writing creative literature
Sport: OTL
Male Actor: If comedians count, the (male) dorks behind MST3K. Most especially that Joel dork.
Female Actor: Once again, the (female) dorks behind MST3K. Also, I suppose Idina Menzel counts.


Best Friend: I haven’t seen her since high school :( My best internet friend is over at dA.
Significant Other: I don’t have (or really need?) one.
Siblings: A younger sister (electraumatic)
Dream Job: Full-time poet! Playwright would be nice, too. Basically anything that has to do with creative writing for a living :P
Fears: Death, suffocation, excessive gore, ghosts
Political Ideology: I’m… not exactly sure? I don’t know, I just want everyone to be treated well and fairly.
Religion: Agnostic, I suppose.
Tattoos: No thanks.
Piercings: Earring piercings, one each.
Languages: English, fail Filipino (Tagalog). I took a Japanese language class two semesters ago, but I think I’ve forgotten most of what I learned.


Reason Behind URL: 'Not the Red Baron' by Tori Amos was my favorite song at the time. (Also because I rediscovered Peanuts and was crying over Dog Sees God.)
Reason Behind Icon:
Agent J looked cool at the time.
# of Posts:
1, 574. Huh.
Why You Joined:
My sister had one, and it looked cool at the time.
First URL: naturethezafara
# of Blogs:
3, I think?
Hoarded URLs:
Just one.


TODAY IN THEATRE HISTORY: In 1971, Clark Gesner’s musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown premieres on Broadway at the Golden Theatre. Although the show was a huge success Off-Broadway, running 1,597 performances, the Broadway incarnation does not fare as well, lasting only 32 performances. You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown will be revived in 1999, in a production starring Roger Bart, Kristin Chenoweth and Anthony Rapp, and featuring additional material by Andrew Lippa.

For more on the original Broadway production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, including a look inside the show’s Playbill, visit PlaybillVault.com.